Join WUP’s 2013 Match Play bracket crapshoot…I mean, challenge
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Oh no! My bracket is dunzo!

Oh no! My bracket is dunzo!

I know this is a bit late notice — well, it is only 4:30pm on the west coast! — but due to popular demand, I’ve started WUP group over at Golfweek’s Match Play Challenge Crapshoot. How do you join?

Go HERE, fill out the bracket, and when it asks for your contact information, write in “Wei Under Par” in the group field.

I’ve contacted a few manufacturers re: donating prizes, so I’m sure one or two will step up to the challenge. But either way, similar to last year, you’d win BRAGGING RIGHTS for the rest of the 2013 season! And a bunch of cool golf stuff from my stash! *Update: We have a taker: the winner gets a TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway wood (which TM is officially debuting at Doral). Sweet!

I might still pursue another prize(s), where I chose the winner by literally picking a name out of a hat. That would only be fitting.

That said, hurry up and fill out your bracket. Deadline to enter or to make a switch is 9:59am ET on Wednesday. First pairing tees off at 9:25amET (7:25 Arizona, 6:25PT). Oh, and don’t overthink your picks — which is what I do every year before I remind myself I’d be sitting here for days on end (perhaps even until the semi-finals) if I were to make seriously analytical decisions (I’m overly analytical, can’t you tell?).

Think of it as throwing darts or even flipping a coin. Which is something I did last year and may do again. OR, better yet, I might have my roommate, the soon-to-be-former senior gossip columnist at the New York Daily News (congrats, Car!) who knows nothing about golf, try her hand at completing a bracket.

FWIW, the forecast calls for crappy weather — rain, wind, cold, the works. What does that all mean? Advantage Euros.

One last thing: Jerry Foltz, Shoshana and I started previewing the matches in the #WUPHangout..and then we got hacked.

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)