A very…err…special #WUPHangout with GC’s Jerry Foltz, until we got trolled
By Stephanie Wei under WUPHangout

Well, that was interesting. We were having a great #WUPHangout until we got trolled, which was an experience — yep, popped by troll cherry — and kind of funny. Except I was clearly super confused. We’ve figured out what happened, and as always, there was a silver lining!

Right before we were about to go live, Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz popped into the Hangout out of nowhere, so naturally, he stayed on to chat with us. (Sorry he was the black screen, but he had just woken up from a nap after his redeye. In other words, he wasn’t “camera-ready”.) Perfect timing! — Foltzy was able to provide his professional expertise and insightful opinions, not to mention a few funny James Hahn stories.

Check out the video-cast above. I’ve edited out the last minute of chaos due to NSFW language the trolls used).