Talking Tiger, Lindsey and all things Torrey
By Stephanie Wei under WUPHangout

Check out our second-ever (!!!) Google+ Hangout. Thanks to Jesse and Shoshana (@shosheak) for helping out and everyone for submitting questions via Twitter or elsewhere. In the future, I think we might use the hashtag “WUPHangout” or something to keep track of tweets. We’ll also invite some of you to “Hangout” in the room with us (there will be a selection process), but let’s take not rush into things.

Love this format and interacting with people! So much that we might (at least I’d like to if you guys are in!) have a Hangout on Saturday and Sunday.

We’re still new to the medium, so please bear with us as we work out the kinks. Remember: it’s a process. And good news is — at least I’d hope — is to get better with each rep! Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome — i.e.. what would you like to see going forward? Thanks again.