It’s time for Fantasy…Golf, that is
By Stephanie Wei under Fantasy Golf
Go team!

Go team!

Alright, guys, are you ready for WUP Fantasy Golf 2013? Yep, the PGA Tour season starts on Friday with the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Maui (and if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’re fully aware I’ve been here for a few days already–tough gig but someone’s gotta do it!).

How in the world did that happen? Didn’t the season just end the other week? Pretty much! Plus

I’ve received quite a few inquiries about whether I’m running a Fantasy Golf League(s) again, and the answer is yes, of course! Apologies for only getting the details on signing up to you now, but I love how many people want to participate!

If anyone knows of a better platform than Yahoo!, please let me know, but as of now, that’s what we’ll be using again. For those who joined last year, you might recall that I am limited to creating 3 groups and the maximum number of players per group is 50. So, don’t wait to sign up!

Here are the details:

*In order to join the group, go to the game front page and click on the “Sign Up” button to create a team. After completing registration, or if you already have a team, click the “Create or Join Group” button and follow the path to join an existing private group. Then, when prompted, enter the following information…

  • Wei Better Than You, Group ID#3684, password: kapalua.
  • Wei Over Par, Group ID#3685, password: kapalua.
  • Wei to Go, Group ID#3686, password: kapalua.

If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me: I apologize in advance if anyone gets shut out, but I might have a solution — hear me out.

I’m not the biggest fan of Yahoo’s system and I’d love to organize an independent WUP Fantasy Golf League with a different format. I know plenty of people (including some of you) that get your buddies together and devise a better and more fun structure.

I mentioned this last year, so excuse me while I plagiarize myself.

My pal Foxy is in a pool where they preselect a winner for each tournament and you can’t pick the same person twice. You get credit for the money that your player earns and person with the most earnings at the end of the season wins. I like money list formats better than points systems that involve logarithms and formulas, etc. (you know, stuff that would make me have to stop and think for more than 5 seconds).

Here’s another format, courtesy of my friend Edgar:

What we do it start it at the Florida swing, when the majors season is about to begin. we then go through the PGA Championship. You keep score by earnings per player, with the majors awarding double money, so a league that emphasizes the majors keeps pretty much everyone interested at least through the British Open. We award money to the top 3 so unless your team tanks — like mine this past season — there is pretty much hope through the Bridgestone and PGA because of the money at stake.

We draft eight players per team, which is a decent amount of players, you could do six or something. you can make transactions for $2 every week to get rid of someone who is struggling and improve your team. For majors there usually are a lot of transactions because people want to have eight guys going for double money.

*Update: Edgar just informed me that there’s a site called Fantrax to run the league…

If you have any other suggestions for formats, please let me know.

Anyone out there — who has exceptional organizational skills and proficient with Excel — care to volunteer and take on the mission of running a separate pool/WUP Fantasy League? I’d be forever grateful, and I think it’d be a lot of fun. Perhaps the latter format would be preferable so we have some time to work out the details. Please e-mail me ( if you’re interested, many thanks!


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