Rory McIlroy’s new Palm Beach Gardens mansion may need its own zipcode
By WUP Staff under Rory McIlroy

Dealmaker: Musta been the putting green!

Okay, considering world’s No. 1 golfer Rory McIlroy recently signed a deal with Nike reportedly worth $200 million, it’s actually not absurdly ginormous or extravagant (from what I can see of the pictures). In fact, it’s rather modest compared to his new BFF  Tiger Woods’ Jupiter home which is larger than Planet Jupiter.

Golf’s newly-anointed prince McIlroy recently purchased a luxurious home in Palm Beach Gardens with a price tag around $11 million, according to reports.

Situated “within five minutes” of the Bear’s Club, a Nicklaus-owned course that counts a number of PGA Tour stars among its membership, and within easy reach of both the exclusive Dye Preserve and Medalist resorts–not to mention a mere kilometre from Woods’ estate, the 10,000-square-foot house looks an ideal base of operations for the 23-year-old.

Only 10,000 square-feet, Rory?! I mean, Tiger’s gym is nearly the same size.

The house has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a gym, swimming pool, and a putting green.

In addition to a swimming pool, well-equipped gym and number of mezzanine balconies, the rambling, multi-story property includes a small putting green, covered barbecue area and private jetty. Wonder if Rory’s next purchase is a boat? I mean, every golfer has to have a vessel of some sort! Plus, with a yacht, Rory can just hop on and take a ride over to Tiger’s house!

There’s also includes a fully-furnished nursery, where the young scamps can play with LEGO or any number of plush toys. Ah, to be 23 again…

Rory's new digs

Frankly, after the awesome 2012 season the 23-year-old had — five wins globally, including the PGA Championship — he can do whatever he pleases.

It’s been reported that the Palm Beach-area house will serve as a base for McIlroy and tennis star girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki. (Just don’t call it “a love nest”, okay? Please.) Perhaps this was the very nice Christmas gift she was asking for?

–Stephanie Wei & Conor Nagle

[Ed. note: Rory’s house is so large that it took two of us to write about it.]

(Photo via Daily Mail)