Golf Channel’s statement on why there’s no broadcast of (last-ever) Q-school
By Stephanie Wei under Q-School

RIP Q-school

As many of you know, Golf Channel is not broadcasting the last-ever Q-school (as we know it) action this week for the first time since 1995 (televised in 1994, too, before GC existed). However, they are airing pre-game and post-game shows, along with interviews as an alternative.

Golf Channel is getting a lot of flak for it — which isn’t fair because it’s a complicated situation. To my understanding, they were put in a tough spot, and it seems like GC wanted to blow up the telecast to commemorate Q-school, highlighting this year’s as the last under the current system.

There’s plenty of “blame” to go around, but I’m not sure the brunt of it shouldn’t be cast on the network.

Of course, these things always have to do with money, rights, costs and contracts — not to mention PR crap, politics and powers-that-be who may not want to call attention to the “last-ever Q-school.” Which sucks, but that’s the reality.

I’ve been asked by dozens on Twitter about the telecast and why there’s no telecast on Golf Channel. Many fans are expressed outrage and disappointment. So have the players in the field.

Well, to avoid repetitive tweets and inquiries, I asked GC for the “company line.” Here’s the statement:

Golf Channel recognizes that the essence of Q-School are the storylines and emotional journeys that the players endure, which cannot always be best captured through traditional coverage.  In recognition of Q-School’s final year, Golf Channel will provide a more comprehensive approach and our most ambitious coverage to date, which will feature all the news, highlights, interviews and analysis to not only capture the substance of the competition, but also better tells the stories of players pursuing a lifelong dream or trying to keep a dream alive.

There you have it. I’m sure you’re all satisfied now!

On the bright side, you’ve got the Nedbank and Tiger’s member-guest to watch this weekend…(which doesn’t even compare in the slightest to the excitement and pressure-packed action at Q-school that’s happening).

I’ve considered downloading a live-streaming app on my iPhone to capture the action, but it wouldn’t exactly be feasible. I’ll do my best to provide the best coverage possible in the last two rounds of the action/..or please suggest what you’d like to see.


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