Take a bow, Gary Evans
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

You might have caught the video on Twitter last week, but I know not everyone tweets, and even those who do, it’s hard to catch everything. So, I figured it’d be a disservice not to share it.

Now this is what I call a shot!

What’s more, impressive that European Tour pro Gary Evans pulled the above trick off on the fly, don’t you think?

I have on good authority he did it earlier in the round with an iron on a par-3 without telling his playing partners, so they didn’t have time to whip out their iPhones and document the nifty trick.

Luckily, Evans can replicate the “spit trick shot” just as well with his driver!

On a related note, Gary is my new favorite pro to follow on Twitter. He doesn’t mince words, and I love his wit and candor (particularly on the taboo topic of cheating in the pro rankshere’s a screenshot of his mini-rant a few weeks ago. And it wasn’t hard to figure out who he was talking about…).

Bravo, sir.