G-Mac off the market
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip

The happy couple: G-Mac and fiancee Kristin Stape

Graeme McDowell proposed to longtime girlfriend Kristin Stape from the 656-foot high helipad of the Burg Al Arab Hotel in Dubai two weeks ago.

…and she said yes.

The couple met when the 2010 U.S. Open champ hired Stape’s Orlando-based interior design firm to decorate his Lake Nona home.

In Stape’s Twitter profile, she describes herself as: “Fashionista for the home, eternal optimist, foodie, sports enthusiast, professional tourist, wannabe MacGyver, and most fun of all… a mother.”

Yep, she’s a single mom, which means G-Mac will be a step-father. (I can see him being really good with kids.)

Kristin’s also super sweet and an all-around great lady. I’m a big fan.

Oh, more details about the proposal? Well, McDowell reportedly felt nerves before he popped the question, according to The Independent’s Karl MacGinty:

“I did it properly, getting down on one knee,” revealed the former US Open winner.

“She had no idea what was going on and was shocked and stunned. I even found myself getting a little bit emotional.

“It was a very special location, looking out over Dubai,” added McDowell, saying the happy couple, both 33, “probably will get married at the end of next year”.

McDowell first met his fiancee, a top interior designer in her native Florida, when he hired her company to work on the new four-bedroom house he’s built on the exclusive Lake Nona golf estate in Orlando.

“So now she’ll be moving into the house she’s designed,” he said.

“Hopefully she’s built a house she likes because it’ll cost me a lot of money if we have to change it,” McDowell added with a smile. “But I don’t see that happening.

“Kristin’s a great girl and both my family and hers are delighted with the news.”

“So I booked a table and, when we arrived, I told her a contact at the hotel was going to give us a quick look around, which included going out on the helipad,” he said.

“I have to say I was very nervous popping the question. I’d a little speech all prepared to make to her and found myself getting all choked up,” McDowell admitted. “But she was just in total shock.”

Sounds romantic! — he’s a very lucky guy. Congrats to G-Mac and Kristin.

(Photo via Graeme McDowell’s Twitter)