Romney: Jack ‘the greatest athlete of the 20th century’
By Conor Nagle under General

Jack: not a member of the 47%.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is campaigning in Ohio this afternoon in the hope he can prise some of the swing state’s coveted baby boomers from the clutches of Team Obama.

Along for the ride is 18-time major champion and Upper Arlington native Jack Nicklaus, who shared the stage with Romney during a routine rally at Westerville High School.

The former Governor of Massachusetts, whose presidential campaign has faltered in recent weeks, obviously appreciated the support, even going so far as to dub Nicklaus “the greatest athlete of the 20th century”.

According to another Romney campaigner, Senator Rob Portman, Nicklaus’s presence at the event showed that “he gets it”. Quite what the “it” in question is remains unclear, though it likely has something to do with:

  • Getting the country back on track.
  • Restoring pride in America, that shining city on the hill.
  • Condemning socialism in all its many, delicious forms.

Audience members at the Westerville campaign stop were supplied with banners that read “The Golden Bear for Romney/Ryan”.

Conor Nagle