The Manchurian pundit: Feherty completes Ryder Cup defection
By Conor Nagle under Humor

Arrrrh! Feherty in traditional Irish dress.

To be fair, this became a fait accompli the second he embraced the goatee, but news is news, I guess:

Fielding questions during a pre-tournament conference call today, commentator and pundit David Feherty confirmed he’ll be supporting Davis Love’s men at Medinah this week; this despite, of course, his having served the European cause at Kiawah Island in 1991.


“To be honest, I’ve been leaning in that direction for quite a while now. Since my first visit to Iraq back in 2006.”

Feherty, a native of Bangor, Northern Ireland, has been a vocal supporter of the United States military for several years, even going so far as to create a charitable foundation, _Troops First_, charged with raising money for soldiers injured in frontline action.

It was the example set by the servicemen and -women he met during his first trip to the Middle East, in 2006, that inspired the five-time European Tour winner to assume US citizenship, a decision that ultimately served as the catalyst for his Ryder Cup defection:

“That was the instant I knew I had to be an American. I had wanted to be one for a while, but my wife had always wanted to be married to an Irishman and I wasn’t going to win that argument. She knew things had changed for me when I came back.

“Since 1776, it’s been the military that have had our backs in this country and ensured our freedom. So the least we can do is have their backs when they come home, especially when they come home injured.”

Feherty will wrap himself in the Stars and Stripes, figuratively speaking, during Wednesday’s episode of Feherty Live, which somewhat confusingly, was filmed yesterday.

Conor Nagle