Photos: Old Sandwich Golf Club, Labor Day weekend edition, part II
By Stephanie Wei under Wei Goes Golfing

Arms wide open...

I know you’ve all been constantly refreshing the page with the hope that I (finally) posted the second part of my Labor Day weekend at Old Sandwich Golf Club. Okay, maybe just one or two of you. No names, of course!

I was only trying to build up the suspense after the account of my first visit to OS… Did it work?? Never mind, don’t answer that. This is a little dated, but I don’t think pretty pictures of golf courses and fun accounts of meeting new people (or in this case BFFs) ever gets old. (If it does, then you don’t have to keep reading. What a crazy concept, right?!)

As I mentioned briefly in part 1, I only tweeted a picture of the first hole. A bit later, I was checking my “replies” from @skatesave02 (Erik) and @EGChoi (Ed) and a few caught my eye. Erik and Ed are members of of OS and apparently they’ve been longtime followers (again, so they claim). I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but one of them may or may not have called the pro shop to confirm my whereabouts. (Actually, I’m pretty sure I felt the most embarrassed by the whole situation.)

My caddie filled me in on these characters (it’s a small club with 180 members). Remember that really bad movie “21” with Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth that was loosely based on the MIT Blackjack Team? Yeah, Erik was a member of the card-counting crew. He was a mere “spotter,” not a “big player.” Whatever.

Card-counting fascinates me, and I’ve always wished I were smart enough to do it (somehow that Asian math gene skipped a generation). Oh yeah, not-surprising-tidbit: one of the main discrepancies between the movie and the actual events? The team was basically all Asian (shocking), but in the movie, there’s an Asian dude who is fairly insignificant and a girl who looks kind of Asian. Erik says he was the “TWG.” What does that stand for? I’m going to be annoying and let you guys think about it and figure it out on your own.

After my blissful day at Old Sandwich, I corresponded with Erik and Ed via DM and they invited me to play on Monday. Which was quite a predicament since I also had a little thing called work and a last-minute assignment. I really, really wanted to go back there, but the only way it’d work is if we played on the early side. Did I want to wake up at 5am to play golf? Meh. (After my college golf days ended and it became a recreational activity, I vowed I was finished with getting up before the sun rises — with exceptions.)

Well, if Ed and Erik could get Terry to caddie, then I’d be in. (I met Terry at Medalist GC in Florida in March, where he caddied for me, and as it happened, I ran into him at O.S. on my first trip.) Somehow they managed to convince Terry to do it. I only found out later that it was actually his day off (his first in weeks) but he came in per special request. He’s the best.

Clearly I ended up going through with it, but that’s further testament to the awesomeness of the club. I do not normally voluntarily wake up at 5am to play golf. I’m not sure if I have done it in the last eight years. And playing two rounds in three days? Almost unheard of for me! Well, it was Labor Day weekend, after all — might as well enjoy the weather and opportunity while I could.

It was a beautiful morning on that Monday. Curiously, I enjoyed watching the sun rise. I even stopped the car and took a picture.

Sun rising in Plymouth, Mass.

As I mentioned in “part I”, O.S. has an incredible short game facility that is like golf practice porn for the real psychos. (Kidding.) Here are some pictures, courtesy of Susan Campbell:



Yep, it is so good that it almost makes you want to practice!

Here now, the walk from the clubhouse to the first tee is one you must experience. Initially, we took carts to speed up our round (and I was still sore from the round two days ago — yes I’m out of shape), but ditched them after a few holes because they were interfering with the social part of the game.

View of clubhouse from walkway to the first tee


1st tee on Labor Day!


Cheesy, slightly awkward group shot!



No. 3


No. 4

 Here’s me and Terry:

Here’s Samantha, the President of the Club’s dog. She rides along for every round he plays. How sweet is that!

 It was around here, the 15th hole, that I started getting quite peeved. With each hole, I became more cranky. Not just because of my golf game, but because it meant the round was almost over and I’d have to go to work, while Erik and Ed were enjoying a few adult beverages. I’m not a big drinker on the course, otherwise I would have at least had one. Sadly, I was responsible and stuck with Diet Coke and water.

No. 16
No. 17

Best foursome eva!


Unfortunately, getting around this challenging Coore-Crenshaw track was just as hard as the first time, if not harder. But who cares! That’s not the point. It’s supposed to be fun and we had a blast.

Bye hole behind 18 green, aka the "19th hole"

As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to leave a place where you can hang out, take in the view and have a few beverages and laughs. I reluctantly dragged myself away to get to the course before the leaders teed off at TPC Boston. I’d like to thank Ed and Erik for being so sympathetic and not rubbing it in the entire day…well, Ed probably can’t remember, but that’s no excuse!

View from balcony of clubhouse

Math geniuses


Terry found a “Titleist 21” on the first hole and hung onto it. He suggested I have Erik sign it (quid pro quo). Which he did. But best of all, it came along with this note:

That’s right! An open invite to Old Sandwich. Now, we didn’t discuss the terms of it. I mean, can I call at any time, and say, hey, I want to come up and hang out for a few days? How much notice do I have to give? How much can I abuse…err…use it? I guess I’ll find out…(*cue evil witch cackle*)

Thanks again to my new BFFs, Ed and Erik, for a fantastic time. Oh, one last thing — I have to point out that stuff like this is the best part of my job and the blog, etc. Over the last three years, I’ve met so many interesting people that I never would have without the inter-webs (Twitter, email correspondence, etc.). When I first started WUP in spring of 2009, it was still kind of weird — or you didn’t necessarily want to admit you had “internet friends” — but it’s pretty the norm in 2012. I’m lucky to say that I’ve met quite a few IRL (in real life — and ones I haven’t, too) that I now consider good friends.

Oh, how far we’ve come and how much we’ve evolved! (Eh, kind of, can’t say that in all sincerity, but whatever, screw the BS.)

It’s been one heck of a ride so far and I expect it only to get better. After all, we’re only getting started!


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