Just an FYI…
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

Sorry, I should have posted this note a few days ago, but please pardon the interruption in the regular WUP programming. I’ll do my best to catch up on any news and blogs this week (thankfully it’s a slow news week so far and a rare “bye” week for the PGA Tour — yes, I know the ladies are playing in a major across the pond), though it’ll be sporadic.

I don’t think I’ve been home for this many days in a row all year (14 counting the rest of the week). Woot. Very exciting. No, just taking the time to fit in the fun annual visits, like going to the  dentist or getting an unexpected root canal (yes, that really happened yesterday, so now I actually know what that entails, which fulfilled a morbid curiosity), and running errands — you know, just trying my best to take care of the kind of stuff that normal people who don’t live out of suitcases do day-t0-day, week-to-week. The usual annoying stuff.

Alright. Gotta jet to the next appointment on my checklist. Hopefully be back this evening in time for some fun writing. Thanks for your understanding!