Blast from the past: John Daly and Tiger Woods when they were innocent(-looking)…
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

When John Daly was the best-dressed golfer in a foursome...

Thanks to TXQ for passing along the link to the above picture that John Daly posted on Facebook. Here now, we have a young Daly (21) and an even younger Tiger Woods (11-ish), along with two other guys — the one to the far left Daly tagged as “Chad Dawson.”

With last week’s BMW Championship at Crooked Stick, where Daly captured the ’91 PGA Championship, he took a trip down memory lane and dug up the picture of golf in the good ol’ days before the baggage, arrests, Hooters, fire hydrants, divorces and rehab, etc.

Ah, when they were so innocent…

I guess this calls for a caption contest. Go for it. Let’s keep it as PG-13 as possible. *Update: R-rated is fine, too, but within reason!