Talking Augusta National and golf’s women issue on CNN International
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

I usually like to wait until after the spot is over before I tell people that I’ll be on TV (at least these days), but for some reason, I felt inclined to post. Maybe it’ll make me perform better for you all since as you know, I’ve been feeling extra feisty the past few days (and it’s almost drained, but I can muster up one last boost).

OK, here are the details: I’ll be on CNN International’s World Sport talking with Amanda Davies on…what else — yes, Augusta National opening its doors to its first women members. I’m told I’ll be on-air around noon (12:18 to be, exact).

Catch me if you can. Crap, what am I going to wear?!

Update: It doesn’t really hit you that you’re appearing live on CNN for the first time — something that you may or may not have dreamed of as a kid or last year — until about a second before you go LIVE. Then there’s NO TURNING BACK. Which is fine, until you realize you forgot to ask which camera to look at. I was in a satellite studio being interviewed  by Amanda, who was in London.

Great experience and appreciate the fine people from CNN for calling me up. Oh, I should actually thank the reader who works for CNN in London that suggested me. Yeah, I know, they must have really had to dig deep and everyone was booked, so they had to get creative, which was good news for me!

Right after the segment, I wish I had another one following it because I’m never happy with my performance the first time out the gate in a new environment, which is obviously something you become comfortable with reps and experience. I had so much to say and didn’t spit out the right words and the message I wanted to get across, but c’est la vie. I’m starting to see some improvement and getting a hang of the TV thing even if it’s not translating 100% yet.

Remember: PROCESS.

Sorry for the caps, I was typing to myself. I am dying for more opportunities this week since surprisingly the CNN spot gave me some confidence despite its imperfections. Maybe it’s because I figured out more of the stuff I’m doing wrong and how to better prepare, etc. In other words: relax and stop over-thinking!

Embarrassing, but I’ll share My friend Lock’s reaction, which was priceless: “You look fantastic!”

So, hit the mute button, guys.

Thanks, Mom, for videoing the TV. (I think she’s actually finally proud of me.)

What do I have to do to get on the show again? I know I’ll nail the next spot. Well, hopefully. I’d love to do a show all afternoon. For me, I’ve learned it’s just about getting on a roll. It made me feel better to hear today from Jerry Foltz that he actually gets nervous every time he goes on-air! He says if you’re not, then something’s wrong — it’s like hitting the first tee shot at a golf tournament. Good analogy.

As another wise man once said to me, patience, young grasshopper.

(AP Photo/Dave Martin, FIle)