Video: SI @ the Majors Sunday Midday Report
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Talking...Rory...and Tiger...duh!

Apologies for the belated posting of this, but I figured watching greatness in person was more important than waiting for the link to a video of our roundtable’s opinions on Rory McIlroy’s game plan to win on Sunday. I hope you all survived!

The video, which can be viewed over at, was filmed at 2pm, just after the leaders teed off. For the record, I think my opinion was right (which happens rarely, so I need to revel in glory when I am, ha ha). What was it? You’ll need to watch (I know, I’m such a tease!). I also added he needed to make those 6-8 footers that we’ve seen him have some trouble with in the past.

Well, it was a fun week at Sports Illustrated at the Majors Experience, PGA Championship edition. Thanks to those who stopped by. And if you missed us, you have one more chance this year at the Ryder Cup. The tent will be located in downtown Chicago. More details as it approaches.

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