Video: SI @ the Majors Saturday (Midday) End-of-day Report
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

The above screenshot is what I’ve been doing all weekparticipating in the 2pm Midday Report at Sports Illustrated at the Majors Experience — but I forgot to post the others. I haven’t even had the chance to watch them (probably for the best).

I can’t embed the video, but watch here at

We talk Tiger Woods, who is in prime position again to win a major heading the third round, and what he needs to win (and avoid completing the hat track of fading away, like he did at the U.S. Open and the Open Championship earlier this summer).

Next, Jess, our lovely host, asks who we think poses the biggest threat to Tiger. Spoiler: I said Rory McIlroy. Why? Because he’s won a major and doesn’t have mental baggage (well, he does–’11 Masters meltdown, but he got over that quite quickly–’11 U.S. Open victory by 8 shots).

I also should add that if the conditions stay fairly calm and soft as they were today — until play was suspended — it sets up perfect for Rory. He’s a long-hitter and the fairways are generous (for a major) and he’s an aggressive player, so he can attack the pins since greens are soft. He also found his putting stroke in the first nine of the third round.

As he was making the turn, play was suspended (at 4:50pm) due to the severe weather and thunderstorm. The third round never resumed and play was officially called at 6:45pm. Shocking. If you saw any of my cloud/sky pictures, then, well, duh.

Alright, here’s the link to the video. Chime in — you know the deal.