“Sandy-area” gate, Kiawah Island edition
By Stephanie Wei under General

Hoey: 33-year-old from Northern Ireland was one of five players that shot under par on Freaky Friday

BRACE YOURSELF. Sandy-area gate is about to break out…

Well, I hate say this —  and hoped I wouldn’t have to — but told ya so. After walking the course on Wednesday,  I had this sinking feeling in my stomach (“Whistling Straits but flat”) that there would be some type of controversial or unfortunate rules infraction due to the “NO BUNKERS” local.

Just felt there were too many gray areas and when you have that many “sandy areas” — which should also be referred to as “mud areas” in places —  it’s inevitable. I know the DQ wasn’t a direct result of the rule, but still it started in the darn “sandy areas.” Harshly, the ultimate product led to a DQ.

Michael Hoey, one of only five scores under par on Friday, was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard.

Here’s the media blast via the PGA:

During the second round of the 94th PGA Championship, Michael Hoey, from Northern Ireland, embedded his ball deeply in a sandy area on Hole No. 9.  In an effort to identify the ball as his, he brushed away sand, as allowed under Rule 12-1a.  However, Hoey failed to re-create his lie by replacing the sand on his ball, as required in the procedure of this Rule, thus incurring a two-stroke penalty for breach of Rule 12-1.
Unfortunately, Hoey failed to include this two-stroke penalty in his score for the ninth hole, signed and returned the incorrect score card, for which the penalty is disqualification.
This ruling would be the same for a ball lying anywhere on the course covered by sand; including a sand dune, a sandy beach in a water hazard or a bunker.
Michael Hoey brought this to the attention of the PGA of America Rules Committee after the completion of play Friday evening.
The number of players making the 36-hole cut is now 72.
The number of scores under par in the second round is now four.
Well, I guess at least it happened on Friday and not, yeah. Just trying to make light of a crappy situation! And good new is he doesn’t have to endure two more 6-hour rounds of torture at The Ocean Course.