Let’s try this again…
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Action shot!

Disclaimer: I’m extra feisty today.

So, I thought I had published this post before I left the media center and journeyed to the SI at the Majors tent, but apparently there was an error and no draft was saved. Naturally! It’s one of those weeks. See Twitter feed for the last two days, but it might be too exhausting to get through. Actually, the better option is to read Dan Jenkins’ tweets.

My apologies I haven’t been able to post anything here, but blame the PGA of America (and Pete Dye). I have been able to tweet plenty, though! And take pictures! So that’s where I’m sharing insights and content I’d usually write in more detail in this space.

Moving on. 

I’ve gotta jump on the shuttle bus, but good news is I’ll have plenty of time to work on the ride back to Charleston!

Oh, this is what I was trying to post earlier: Go here to listen to my impromptu chat with John Maginnes on PGA Tour Radio Sirius XM, Wednesday, August 8th.

He basically ambushed me into helping him with his picks for Buzz Feed — which is basically another version of Yahoo’s Fantasy Golf, except there are more groups and you can only select one from each. Obviously it’s a little late, but it’s always fun to talk with Maginnes and hear his expert opinions. I can’t even remember who we picked. Well, I do remember talking him out of Blake Adams. Whoops!

Alright, thanks for your patience. More to come.