Let the games begin: Dustin and Sergio drive balls into the Thames
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

Sergio and Dustin in a(nother) grand, brilliant PR stunt

As you may have heard, the 2012 London Olympics officially kick off with an Opening Ceremony of epic proportionscheck out the pictures leaking onto the inter-webs in this breaking story unfolding rapidly! — that we’ll all probably watch online via YouTube and other sources of non-NBC live-stream before we actually catch the “real” version on the tape-delayed NBC broadcast (tonight at 7:30pm ET and PT <<collective groan>> — sucks an extra three hours to live on the West Coast!).

First, Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia opened the week on Monday in the Adidas Paints the Town Red Adidas London Golf Challenge event, staged to celebrate the re-entrance of golf in the 2016 Olympic Games (or basically, TaylorMade-adidas decided to hold another sweet exhibition because they can. I mean, have you seen their quarterly reports?!).

From a barge, DJ and Sergio launched drives onto a floating green on the River Thames with the Tower Bridge in the backdrop. Because you haven’t seen enough shots of this iconic view all week, here’s another:

Dustin or Sergio? Dustin, right?


One more:


Nice shot

By the way, what’s the point of stroke play as the format for golf’s monumental return to the Olympics in 2016 again? To identify the best golfer! But aren’t we celebrating the honor and privilege to compete on behalf of our countries? No! — I mean, really, have you been alive long enough to remember the last four Olympics? Well, yes, but, I was naively still sold on this notion of representing your country in the greatest competition in all of planet Earth.

Here’s a video of DJ and Sergio’s closest-to-the-pin contest:

(Photos courtesy of adidas/TaylorMade)