Your friendly WUP programming reminder: @TheOpen Live kicks off LIVE on Wednesday.
By Stephanie Wei under British Open

Adam Scott playing No. 18 on Monday

I can barely keep my eyes open, but I haven’t been able to post and share my days and the info I’m collecting with you guys. I’ve been getting back to the house at 730-8:00pm, having a quick dinner and hitting the sack. I’m way past my bedtime right now (which has been 10:30, 11:oopm this week).

Great work by Conor on continuing to post his usual witty and well-written thoughts.

I’ll do my best write more and post pictures, but a good way to check out what I’m doing during the day is to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (or check out the new features on the right sidebar of the site).

This TV thing is totally different, and as I suspected, I actually enjoy this medium more (but I still love writing; now it’s more fun instead of trying to come up with “unique” angles, etc. etc.). Plus, we have assistants whose jobs are to accommodate our needs and keep us happy! I mean, what?! Yes, seriously. It’s wonderful and I’m probably over-thanking everyone.

It’s all a very strange concept for me, but I’m definitely not complaining (no wonder on-air people turn into prima donnas)! Obviously I’m new and getting adjusted to being away from my super chipper colleagues in the media center and learning a whole new trade in, well, basically, a day. I can’t emphasize how much I’m enjoying it. Though, as usual, I’m putting way too much pressure on myself. Can anyone say take a chill pill?! I need one.

Alrighty then, enough of the rambling.

Here’s a friendly reminder — @TheOpen Live starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am (local time, and then 12.30am-2pm; 3.30pm-4.30pm; 5.30pm-6.30pm — so that’s 2am on the PST and 5am EST). Hope you all set your alarms!

My main gig will be interviewing the players as they’re leaving or coming to the range, in between their practice rounds and just whenever we can grab them and a few other behind-the-scenes glimpses at The Open. I’m really hoping Tiger would grant me an interview for the R&A since we are, after all, the major championship’s official broadcast channel.


You may see me in the studio with presenter Dominik Holyer, a well-known broadcaster, but we’re not sure if we’re going there yet. I’d like to do it because I think I can offer random tidbits of knowledge that most may not know…

Huge thanks to the director, producer, my AP, and cameraman, along with my fellow presenters, for giving a wide-eyed rookie some tips (and lots of support). I’ve learned so much in just two days. Looking forward to the adrenaline rush when we go live tomorrow! No pressure or anything, it’s not like I’ve spent the last three years of my life trying to get a gig like this, at the Open Championship, no less. So, obviously, no big deal!

You can find our coverage on the large billboard TV screens around the golf course, theOpen.com, livestream.com. and the Open app (download it if you haven’t yet!), among others.

Be sure to check it out. If anything, you’ll get a good laugh and it’s a nice breath of fresh air from the normal cookie-cutter broadcast.