See you in England! (*Updated)
By Stephanie Wei under British Open

Mmmm, Lytham-y.

This is my first time writing a new post via the WordPress app — I’ve edited posts plenty of times, but I was running short on time today, so let’s see how this goes…

Bear with me as I’m sitting on the plane and might have to cut this short at any given moment.

Packing for The Open is never easy no matter how many times you’ve been there (this is the third I’m covering). I panicked at the last minute and it seems like I cleared out my closet! There was a greater emphasis on waterproofs and layers than in the last two years. Well, it was duly noted, though I might need a third set of waterproofs!

I’m taking the redeye to London and then getting a lift to Lytham. I’m looking forward to my gig for the week — I’m a reporter for @TheOpen Live, the R&A’s “entertaining, irreverent, behind-the-scenes” online broadcast, which will be live streamed at TheOpen.com, livestream.com, Facebook and the app (I think, I’ll double-check).

I’ll also be in-studio giving updates or talking all things Open during what will probably be around lunch time EST for the American audience.

More details to come, but I’ll also be working and writing for the Back9Network at the start of the week. If I have time, I’ll be helping out SI/golf.com, too.

OK, it’s time to turn off all electronic devices. I’ll update this post when I arrive on the other side of the pond.

*Update: Got through immigration and customs without a glitch in 15 minutes max. Anyway, here are the broadcast times I was given for @TheOpen Live (all times local & subject to change — 5 hours ahead of EST, 8 hours ahead of PST):

Wednesday (Live)

Thursday & Friday

12.30pm-2pm (or 1pm to 2.30pm dependant on leaders’ tee times?)

12.30pm-2.00pm (or 1pm to 2.30pm dependant on leaders’ tee times?)
Updates through to winner’s press conference.


I’m doing some pre-tourney coverage for Back9Network, which will include video blogs and interviews from the Golf Punk relaunch party on Monday and at Royal Lytham St. Anne’s or the area. I’ll keep you posted!

By the way, have I mentioned The Open is my favorite tournament of the year? Well, it is. At the end of the week, I seriously countdown the days ’til the next. It’s always an adventure, beginning with the first Open I covered in 2010 at St. Andrews. What a trip!

My director/producer for @TheOpen Live is almost here to pick me up for the 3-4 hours drive to Lytham.