LPGA star wars: Cristie strikes back! (*Update)
By Conor Nagle under LPGA

Hold the finish... hold it....

Former US Open champion Cristie Kerr returned to Twitter yesterday afternoon to reject – emphatically, repeatedly – suggestions she is a callous, uncharitable prima donna.

The LPGA veteran was spurred into action by the mushrooming public relations fallout from “Flag-gate” (I might be the only person calling it that), a controversy that originated on the Twitter feed of Swedish star Sophie Gustafson.

The Solheim Cup legend and GWAA award-winner publicly castigated Kerr on day two of last week’s US Women’s Open for refusing the opportunity to sign a flag she intended to donate to charity.

Kerr, who has been inundated with tweets from “negative people” since the confrontation came to light, began by thanking her followers for their support…

Then, it got a bit Mean Girls…

Anxious to prove her charitable credentials, Kerr also retweeted a timely commendation from PGA professional Trace Gardiner. Apparently, it’s considered classier to hand out signed photos of yourself – like a matinee heroine from the golden age of cinema(?) – than it is to sign an autograph in person.

Who knew?

Gustafson later interjected to refuse Kerr a second bite of the cherry (in best Soup Nazi voice: “No flag for you!”), in turn prompting the 34-year-old to suggest a more convenient alternative.

Her offer has yet to elicit a response.

Conor Nagle

*Update from Stephanie: Cristie would like to set the record straight. I was actually humbled that she tweeted me, but it doesn’t sound like she actually read the post. Conor, who as you can see from the byline at the top and bottom (I know the one at the top is not clear and that’s being adjusted by a programmer in the next few days, but the one at the bottom is in bold), actually did include many of the positives she tweeted. Sometimes it’s hard to convey a message in 140 characters, but I think Cristie’s tweet meant that she wants people to know she and Sophie are not in a fight.

I guess this means Cristie and I are in a fight now! Rawr! I can’t keep track anymore. Oh, this whole silly “misunderstanding” continues to get more and more amusing. –SW

*Update 2: This post was published before Sophie’s reply. All is forgiven. Sounds like they’ve kissed and made up. Hooray.