Audio: Wei goes (went) on Tap with Maginnes
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip

I joined John Maginnes on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio on Monday evening to chat about all things golf. I’m told it was basically like two friends having a conversation about the past week’s news pegs or other random ramblings. In case you missed it, the show’s producer offered to send me the audio file to post here. Cross-platforming!

Aside: I know this sounds silly, but I actually didn’t realize so many people listened to PGA Tour Radio. Obviously, it makes sense since golf fans are driving home from work, they’d naturally tune in. Forgive me, but I live in NYC and I’ve only recently started to appreciate the wonders of SiriusXM radio in my weekly rental cars.

Before my spot, I was still speeding back to NYC from West Virginia (overnight pit stop in Baltimore) and I tuned in to listen to Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz talk with Maginnes, which I found very entertaining. Well, duh, right? They’re probably two of my favorite people in the world of golf. (I know, I know, I should probably have my head checked!) The dynamic duo of Maginnes and Foltzy were a tough act to follow, so luckily, I wasn’t sent that segment!

They talked mostly about the impending announcement that was released this morning that detailed the death of Q-school and the new pathway to the PGA Tour via the three-tournament series at the end of the year. Jerry is like Mr. Nationwide Web.com Tour and played on what was then the Hogan Tour and Maginnes bounced back-and-forth between what was then the Nike Tour (and subsequently the BUY.Com Tour) and the PGA Tour. So it was really interesting and informative to hear their perspective(s).

I’ll stop blabbering, so you can listen to me yap. Here’s the link: Stephanie Wei talking with John Maginnes on July 9th, 2012.

Consider yourself warned — it might be 20 minutes of your life you’ll never get back!