Shock: Tiger Woods winning drives ratings! 188%, to be exact.
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Fans <3 Tiger

There are two — maybe three or four — players that move the needle: Tiger Woods, John Daly, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy. This has been my conclusion from the sizes of galleries I’ve witnessed at tournaments and from the numbers (traffic) I receive on my site in response to posts on these individuals.

So it’s no surprise that CBS ratings for the final round of the AT&T National increased by 188% compared to last year — Tiger didn’t play in ’11 due to injury. The media blast via CBS Sports:


CBS Sports’ final-round coverage of the AT&T NATIONAL on Sunday, July 1 (3:00-6:45 PM, ET), which saw Tiger Woods win his third PGA TOUR event this season and pass Jack Nicklaus with 74 PGA TOUR wins, delivered an average overnight household rating/share of 4.6/10, up 188% from last year’s 1.6/4 in the metered markets. (Note:  Ratings for Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Columbus are excluded due to severe weather).

This year’s rating tied with 2009 as the highest rating for the final-round since the tournament debuted in 2007.

Regarding the mention of John Daly above, I know what you’re thinking — John Daly?!? Who cares about that chump?? Well, actually, *a lot* of people. If you’ve ever been to a PGA Tour event, he has the largest galleries, second to Tiger and Phil, and perhaps the largest if the Big Two aren’t playing. No joke. Last year at the Travelers Championship, Daly was out of contention in the second (or maybe the third round, I can’t remember), but he had at least 200 fans following him and living and dying by his every shot.

When Daly is in the news and I post about it, it’s definitely the most read of the day. Heck, maybe even the week if Tiger isn’t playing.

And the biggest draw of all? Tiger and Daly in the same item — Exhibit A at the Open Championship in 2010.

I had over 200,000 hits that day if I recall correctly and my site crashed. In fact, it caused problems for other sites that are hosted by my server. Whoops!

But back to Tiger and Sunday’s ratings: Did you watch the telecast? Are you more likely to tune in when Tiger is in contention?

(Getty Images/Rob Carr)