Video: “We’re going streaking (at the Wichita Open)!” [NSFW]
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

The fans on the 17th hole at the Nationwide Tour’s Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open are known to have a good time. One overzealous man took it to another level on Saturday and stripped down to a handkerchief as he went for his glory run, according to Kansas.com’s Scott Paske:


As Nationwide Tour golfers Richard Scott and Steve Allan prepared to hit their tee shots, a male streaker ran across the green, looped around the flagstick and ran down the fairway, then exited the course left toward Killenwood Drive.

Within minutes, social media was abuzz and a video of the streaker, who shielded his identity with a handkerchief, soon surfaced on the internet. PGA Tour members with Wichita Open experience like Hunter Haas and Jeff Klauk weighed in on on Twitter.

One tour official said it wasn’t the first streaking incident on the Nationwide Tour. He recalled a male streaker in Omaha, site of the Cox Classic.

“This tournament is now legit,” Nationwide golfer Jason Gore said.

Pretty funny stuff. I wonder if they’ve ever had a streaker on the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open. Well, I guess there are too many cops and not a good exit strategy, but perhaps with enough planning, a clever fan could pull it off. Not that I’m trying to plant a seed in anyone’s head…