Video: Caddies are more than just luggage carriers!
By Stephanie Wei under Caddies

That headline is obviously facetious, but many people don’t realize that caddies don’t just “carry the bag” and clean golf balls. Watch the video above and I promise you’ll have a newfound appreciation for caddies (if you already didn’t after seeing the yardage books I posted this morning).

I caught up with Todd Montoya, aka “Overkill Jr.,” on Wednesday evening as he was finishing his work charting the greens and measuring the speeds from five different angles to potential hole locations. It looked rather tedious. He was also the last person on the golf course.

Now obviously not EVERY caddie is as thorough, but the majority put in (almost) as much work.

Todd is looping for Alabama standout Hunter Hamrick this week in his first start as a professional.

[*Ed Note: I refer to “Urbanek and Mikey” as OCD — that’s a compliment coming from me, especially since I’m known to have my own tendencies. And I think every golfer and caddie has to have a little OCD in them.]