Steiny arrested for DWI despite informing police “who he was”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Indeed, pictured above is the police “booking data sheet” for Mark Steinberg, the longtime agent of Tiger Woods, courtesy of SI’s Mick Rouse. Good news is at least his client won today in dramatic fashion, but I don’t think his mug shot will be framed and adorned in his office (but it might be in his old one at IMG).

Last night Steiney was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Ardsley, New York, according to Bloomberg’s Mike Buteau:

After smelling alcohol coming from Steinberg’s car, he was issued a field sobriety test, which he failed, Fisher said. Steinberg was then arrested at about 10:30 p.m. New York time.

“He did inform us who he was,” Fisher said in a telephone interview. “It is what it is. He was intoxicated.”

Steinberg, in an e-mail, said “it’s a medical issue that I was dealing with. It’s not what you think.”

Fisher said Steinberg gave no indication of a medical issue.

“It was alcohol related,” Fisher said. “He submitted to a chemical test to determine alcohol-blood content and he failed that test.”

Steinberg blew a .18 in his breathalyzer test, more than twice the legal limit in the state of New York. Well, sounds like someone had a fun evening…up to the point he was pulled over.

My favorite part of the whole story is that he “informed” the officer that he was The Mark Steinberg. Obviously, the arresting officer didn’t give two cents.

Asked in the post-win press conference if he knew of the arrest before his round and for his thoughts, Tiger replied, “Yeah, I did, and no comment.”