Reminder: Tiger scheduled to “Hangout” with fans LIVE (I’ll bring the popcorn)
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Surprise, surprise — the PGA Tour released its pre-tournament schedule for the Memorial and four-time past champ Tiger Woods was not on the list. Thing is, no one seems to care or everyone has been too busy enjoying their long weekend of BBQs, sports and booze to be bothered with Tiger skipping out on his visit to the media center. Until he starts playing better, what’s there for us to ask and for him to say, anyway? Yawn.

In lieu of his usual presser, Tiger is hosting take two of his initiative to establish “more direction interaction” with fans. If only he had been holding the current day’s newspaper, his taped Q&A could have easily been confused with a hostage video. As noted in the tweet above, Friday’s meet-up can be viewed LIVE at

Team Tiger has screened and pre-selected several ultra-geeky fans (for example, this guy) to join him in his very first Google+ “Hangout.” We can cringe through this experiment together at 4pm ET. I’m sure it’ll be riveting — at the very least, it should be, er, interesting. Seriously, I’m looking forward to this.

I’ve got the popcorn ready. Who’s bringing the candy?


Just for fun, what kind of things will be discussed? How will the “Hangout” be conducted? On a scale of 1-10, how awkward will it rank?