Rory redirects focus to…sight-seeing in Paris with Caroline
By Stephanie Wei under Rory McIlroy

Romantic evening for the young lovebirds

After Rory McIlroy missed his second straight cut — his first on the European Tour since 2008 (aside from majors) — at Wentworth last Friday, he said he needed to refocus his practice energies. He barely broke 80, posting a 79. Golf’s latest golden boy is indeed human. Well, McIlroy had a bad week, which included a club throw during the first round, but known for his candor, he admitted that he may have slacked off in the practice department lately, according to The Guardian‘s Lawrence Donegan:

“I took my eye off the ball. I did not practise as hard as I might have,” he said. “It is a week I’d like to forget. I feel like I’ve lacked competitive rounds. I took a couple of weeks off after the Masters and then only had two days at the Players Championship and two days here. It is probably a good thing that I have the next two days to practise on my game.”

Rory mentioned practicing and working hard to prepare for the Memorial Tournament this week:

“I’m going to have to put some hard practise in at the weekend and get ready for next week in the States…

“I’m looking forward to getting back over in the States and playing there and getting ready for that, and being prepared.  So I’ve got a big event coming up next week at Memorial, and I’ve got five days from now until then to put some hard practise in and get my game ready for that..

“I think it’s just putting time in on the range.  Just hitting a lot of balls and just sort of getting back into it.  I don’t think it’s something that will be hard to fix.  I just need to hit a lot of balls and just get comfortable with my game again.”

Sure enough, McIlroy was spotted beating balls on Saturday morning at Wentworth. British broadcaster Andrew Cotter tweeted the photo below with this accompanying text, “If you were coming to Wentworth and worried about not seeing McIlroy, don’t be. He’s here, digging it out of the dirt.”

Rory looking for the answer in the dirt

See, no need to worry about Rory — he’s grinding and working it out on the range, just like he promised. You know, instead of jet-setting to another country to visit tennis star girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki, like when he missed the cut at The Players, he headed to meet up with her in Rome. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, the power couple are young, successful and in love.

Wait, what’s this? Apparently after Rory’s practice session on Saturday, he hopped on a plane to Paris to see Wozniacki. The Danish tennis player posted the top picture and tweeted:

“Enjoying a nice evening in front of the Eiffel Tower with @McIlroyRory

Well, to be fair, Rory didn’t specify on where he’d find his game pre-Memorial, and a romantic evening with his girlfriend can’t hurt. I’m sure he jetted off to the States to beat balls first thing Sunday morning…

Can’t really blame the kid for enjoying life and living the dream. I said in the PGA Tour Confidential roundtable last night that I wasn’t ready to press the panic button on Rory yet, especially since he pledged his renewed energy to working on his game. Let’s wait to see what happens this week at Memorial…

(Photo via Caroline Wozniacki’s Twitter)