Leftover shots from the #TMShortGameEXP at Bandon Dunes
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

I posted a new album of pics from the TaylorMade Short Game Experience at Bandon Dunes on the WUP Facebook Page. I’ll be utilizing it more frequently going forward, so you might want to “Like” it to keep up with bonus behind-the-scenes coverage on Tour. After all, I can only say so much in 140 characters on Twitter.

Just a quick note to put the content in context: I was a lucky participant of TM’s outing at Bandon Dunes Resort last month, where we received a short game clinic with legendary instructor Jim Flick, previewed the new par-3 course, Bandon Preserve, before it opened to the public on May 1st, and played Bandon Trails.

I wrote about the experience here and here, which, you know, was an OK trip. Maybe I’ll even go so far to describe it as decent. In other words: effing incredible.

The video above might not be as entertaining as the trash-talking exchanges between Brian Katrek, who won his THIRD Smyrna City Amateur Championship title a few weeks ago, and me (more like Katrek clowning on me), but Flick is one funny man. For example, while instructing a fellow media member who was releasing the club with his arms and getting his upper body way too ahead of his lower half, Mr. Flick described the flaw as premature ejaculation.

But I digress. There aren’t as many moments to make fun of me — sorry, no inappropriate jokes that I recall — but surely I look like a fool, so I figured I’d share and you could get a laugh at my expense.

Special thanks to Rob of for piecing together parts of my mini lesson with Mr. Flick, who ranks in my top five favorite people in the world. Be sure to check out the galleries Rob posted of Bandon Preserve, too. He took pictures of each hole and I think even identified them.

Of course, only after you look at my album — which consists of shots from my impromptu pseudo-tour of the front nine with the genius responsible for Bandon Dunes, Mike Keiser, which was a cool unexpected treat — my friend Ben Cowan-Dewar, who has been working with Keiser on Cabot Links, happened to fly in Tuesday afternoon after the TM festivities had wrapped up, so I caught up with him and ended up witnessing their intense two-man team 9-hole match, not to mention some really solid golf shots.