Your daily dose of Tiger Woods: Hostage video, take 2, on deck
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

So I guess this means no pre-tournament press conference next week at Memorial? Kudos to Team Tiger for listening to the feedback after his taped hostage video experiment last month. I love that “LIVE” is capitalized in the above tweet.

It appears this is part two in Tiger’s social media campaign in an effort to interact with fans more directly. This time in a forward-thinking (or just 2012) format and seemingly un-Tiger-like, yet in the most Tiger-like way possible since the “fans” will be “selected” ahead of time. He’s invited people to a “Hang Out” sesh on Google+! Here are the deets, according to

Tiger Woods, winner of 72 PGA Tour tournaments and 14 major golf championships, has invited fans to join him next Tuesday afternoon, May 29, on Google+ for his first Hangout. You are asked to send questions about the upcoming Memorial Tournament, the U.S. Open and other topics, and Tiger will pick some of you to join him LIVE next week. Please use the hashtag #TigerHangout.

The Hangout will also feature special guests and is expected to last for about 30 minutes. It will give fans a chance to interact with Tiger as he prepares for the Memorial Tournament next week and the U.S. Open in June.

The most notable person who has reached out to his supporters through Google Hangouts is President Obama.


Memo to “fans”: Throw some thoughtful softball questions in your initial submissions and then when you’re “Hanging Out” with Tiger, ask some hard-hitting follow-ups.

I’m waiting to hear back about whether or not he’s canceled his pre-tournament presser yet. It’d be groundbreaking if he took all our critiques of the hostage video into account and did both the “Hang Out” and regular visit to the interview room. Call me cynical, but I’m not holding my breath!


Tiger has been pretty busy lately. He recently joined 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. with “The Sports Junkies” to talk about his ballstriking, confidence level post-Masters, driving stats, why he’s playing more tournaments this year, and — the one that caught my attention — why he believes he can win into his 50s. Transcript courtesy of the fine folks over at

Looking down the road, do you think you can keep winning tournaments into your 50s?:

“Absolutely, 100 percent agree with that. It just has to be on the right golf course. It can’t be, at that age — well, by the time I’m at that age, it’ll be some golf courses over 8,000 yards. It’s probably not going to be at one of those; it’s probably going to be at a shorter golf course like you’d find at a British Open. Tom [Watson], at Turnberry, it was like the perfect Open. It was howling, it was a golf course he had won on and knew how to play and it was playing very quick. … You can certainly see a certain player playing into their 50s and being successful on a certain venue. You can’t do it on all venues, there’s no doubt. Some ballparks are just too big.”

I absolutely agree 100% with Tiger that he’ll win in his 50s…on the Champions Tour.  I kid, I kid. Kind of.

Good point with the Tom Watson/Turnberry example. It certainly wouldn’t be out of the question for Tiger to win majors when he’s in his 50s, but given his physical health and all the injuries he’s sustained at age 36, I wonder if his body will be able to hold up for that long. I mean, his body seems to respond like he’s already 50. I hear once you hit a certain age, it gets even harder to recover.

I’d also make a crack about how Tiger should focus on winning at 36, but I’d just be reminded he won two months ago (duh!), which I’m well aware of. Let’s start with the Memorial Tournament, where he’s won four times. In his last appearance in 2010 he placed tied for 19th.

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