Tiger bashes new media for over-scrutiny!
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Did Tiger just pick his nose?!?

On Monday Tiger Woods had a lovely media day for next month’s AT&T National, which returns to Congressional Country Club after a two-year hiatus while the course prepared for the 2011 U.S. Open. Woods, who won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March, held a lengthy news conference, speaking passionately about the incredible work and growth of the Tiger Woods Foundation (all proceeds from the tournament benefit the charity).

Interesting enough, I found the final question and answer the most intriguing:

Q.  You’re judged on every swing, every shot, every tournament, every week ‑‑

TIGER WOODS:  Well, I think that’s the nature of the new media business.  The reason why I say that is obviously with the new 24‑hour news cycle and all of the different medias that there are now, there’s so many different ways for people to get information.

And I think that we have talked about it a number of times on TOUR with myself with other players is that there is so many different ways that we can ‑‑ so many different ways in which news is reported.  You’ve got to be able to stand out somehow to get eyes going to your site or to your media, and I think that’s one of the reasons why there’s the criticism that there is.

I was looking at it the other day, if LeBron didn’t have a good game, then the Heat are done and he should retire.  I’m like, geez, guys, he just won MVP.  But I think that’s just the nature of the volatility of the new media in which we are involved in now.

I’d like to ask a follow-up — Tiger, are you saying you find the “old media” more endearing?

Just kidding. I’m going to *assume* by “new media” that he means “new media cycle,” so I’ll let this one slide!

I completely agree with Tiger. The public’s appetite for any morsel of a story or report is insatiable. There’s a never-ending need to feed the beast.

Tiger reminds us he’s won not just once, but two tournaments in the last six months, including that real one at Bay Hill. Well, newsflash: No one cares about what happened TWO MONTHS AGO! It’s about RIGHT NOW. Our attention span barely holds up for a day. I mean, really, you can’t expect anyone to remember something from way back in March. That’s like ancient history. Pffftttt!

An outrageous headline makes you click on the link when it pops up on your Twitter feed, right? A controversial point of view gets you riled up and drives you to comment repeatedly on the story, and ultimately, you keep reading because you can’t wait to see what the columnist/blogger will say next.

That said, will Tiger break Jack Nicklaus’s all-time majors record? Well, I don’t see why not, but he’ll need to record Seve Ballesteros’ career accomplishments (five majors) in the next decade or so.

Coming off one of the worse three-tourney stretches of his career — a tie for 40th at the Masters, a missed cut at the Wells Fargo Championship and another tie for 40th at The Players — Woods will try to break his “slump” at Memorial, hosted by Jack, next week.

 (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)