Three-year-old Rory McIlroy still had a better swing than you
By Stephanie Wei under Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy turned 23-year-old on Friday. Yes, it’s hard to believe he’s only 23 — there aren’t very many at his age who are that mature and have achieved as much. Well, as you’d suspect, Rory was a high-achiever at an early age.

In honor of his 23rd birthday, he posted a home video his parents discovered of him on his third birthday practicing in his living room.

I will admit that I watched on loop for like an hour yesterday (okay, maybe less than that) because it’s amazingly uncanny how his follow-through at age 3 resembles his current one at age 23! I mean, seriously, it pretty much looks the same. I showed the video to a few players and they had the same reaction as me.

No doubt he’s a natural talent. Oh, the video of Rory is also really adorable.

Aside: It was obviously produced professionally by Team Rory as a tribute of some sort for his birthday and meant to be distributed via his social media channels, but what’s cool (and makes it different and better compared to attempts by other golfers — no names!) is that it is not “overly” done and the delivery was natural. The content is a perfect representative of the type of things fans want to see shared by their favorite athletes/celebrities.

I’m sure watching the three-year-old Rory helped self-esteem and confidence in your own game, too! Yep, even back then, he could have beat (most of) you.