Humorous things you miss on the internet when you take a day off…
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Ryuji Imada helping up the sound guy who tripped on 18 tee...

See, this is what happens when you turn off the interwebs for a day or two! — you miss absurdly funny posts, like the one Deadspin published last Thursday. Now at the risk of getting my wrist slapped or threatened with double-secret probation and icy stares, I’m pointing it out because to ignore it would be an injustice to WUP readers.


Basically, about four months ago (or back in January), Deadspin published a video of a sound guy falling over on the 18th tee, while Ryuji Imada prepared to tee off. It probably wouldn’t have made America’s funniest sports moments, but it was still rather entertaining. People tripping over themselves (as long as not seriously injured) = hilarity for the internet (especially on a slow news day).

Well, the PGA Tour’s internet task force caught wind of what they deemed “copyright infringement” and sent a scary letter to Gawker.

We forwarded it on to our fearless legal staff, who apparently got around to replying earlier this month. (They’re the best.) They wrote back to the PGA, arguing fair use. Well, the PGA Tour got back to us today, rejecting the fair use argument. Their letter is here, but here’s our favorite line:

“Gawker used the most substantial, important, and commercially profitable portion of PGA TOUR’s content.”

Once again, we’re talking about a guy falling down. If that’s the most profitable portion of the entire Humana Challenge broadcast, they’ve got bigger problems than some tinpot website milking it for laughs. The video stays up. Damn the man, save the Empire.

Fantastic point! Well, I guess some employees in Ponte Vedra Beach have to justify why they are on payroll. I’m surprised the higher-ups didn’t get involved. Actually, it’d be a big waste of their time. Gawker founder Nick Denton doesn’t care who or what you are. You mess with him and you’re going down.

For purposes of full disclosure, I dated now editor-in-chief, formerly of, the notorious A.J. Daulerio, from summer 2009 to sometime in the spring 2010. (Yes, he taught me just about everything I know and groomed me in my early days of blogging, which is a tad disconcerting for some people, I’m sure.) Due to this relationship, I was often privy to certain legendary legal battles (apartments in NYC are small and I couldn’t help eavesdropping). I mean, when I met the VP of the legal team, I think I told her she was my hero. So yeah, I wouldn’t want to mess with Gawker.

Heck, even Mavs owner and billionaire Mark Cuban is scared to death of A.J.’s wrath! Dead serious.