Welcome to the 2012 Masters, Everyone!
By Stephanie Wei under The Masters

Well, the travel (birth)day from hell was well worth it once I reached the final destination, albeit at 5am. I’m a tad tired, but I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with you and covering the first major of the year — well, for the men, of course. (It’s my second, thanks to KNC Championship, so take that!)

We have some cool stuff going on this week. Most important, we’re launching SI @ the Masters. Our tent is across the street from the Club on Washington Road. You can’t miss it. Stop by and say hi. We’ll have various special guests and interactive golf-geek activities, so I’m told. More details tomorrow.

I’ll be all over the place since, you know, I work for 24 different outlets, but I’ll be around for sure, throwing in my daily report on the behind the scenes bits and pieces.

Two more things. First,  Conor will be contributing per usual most of the week, I believe. I can’t remember his exact schedule at this hour. Point is, he’ll be around, obviously. Secondly, Brendan Prunty, who wrote the post below on Adam Scott, is joining WUP this week.

“Brendan is the golf writer for the Newark Star-Ledger in New Jersey. He can be reached at bprunty@starledger.com and can be followed at Twitter.com/BrendanPrunty. Read his work at nj.com/golf. This is his second Masters tournament.”

So, now you know where you can direct complaints, spam and other inquiries for the week! Kidding.

I met Brendan a few years ago at the Barclays and he emailed me a few weeks ago asking if he could contribute for WUP at the Masters gratis! He needs a platform to publish his writings and I always need extra quality content and welcome pro writers to contribute. I’m excited to have another hand and I think Brendan is excited to have carte blanche pretty much. You know, he doesn’t have to keep his musings and reports to 16 inches (or something like that — I’m not versed in words by inches, just words by count).

Just from the bits he’s shared with me so far, he has a cache of great ideas he’s complied over the years that have gone to waste..until this week! Woot!

Anyway, please welcome Brendan and you already know Conor, so don’t worry about him — I kid, I kid.

ALright, time to take a nap before it’s back to the grind.

P.S. I’m such a dork, but when we got our housing assignments last week, I was pumped to learn that the great Joe Posnanski was going to be one of my housemates. Haven’t met hm yet, but looking forward to it (and hopefully I won’t be too awkward and starstruck!)