Trade News Almost Interfered With Tebow’s Tee Time at Bay Hill (His Brother’s, That Is) [*Update]
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

The Tebow brothers love their golf (that's Tim pictured above)

Tiger who? The big story on Wednesday morning wasn’t that Tiger Woods felt a twinge in his lower back on the 6th tee at Bay Hill during his pro-am. Instead, around noon news broke that former NFL first-round draft pick and quarterback Tim Tebow, who led the Denver Broncos to the AFC West title this past season (not to mention cultural luminary), was traded to the New York Jets.

While the chaos of the swap was going down, Tebow’s brother Robby (who is almost a ringer for his brother) was dealing with it from the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida. Thank the lord the deal was finalized (though apparently ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting there’s been a hang-up) just before Robby’s opening drive on No. 10 in the pro-am at 12:40 with PGA Tour player Brian Davis.

“I got the news right before we teed off on the first hole,” said Robby, during a backup on the par-3 14th. “Well, we knew it was coming down right about the same time we were teeing off, so I was on the phone about right up to that point.”

Tim has played in several PGA Tour pro-ams, but today is Robby’s first one, which he’ll surely never forget. Now that I’ve seen both of their swings, I can attest that Robby’s is superior and he’s definitely the better golfer in the family. Then again, he has a little more time to practice, but not much since he works as his brother’s “day-to-day” manager.

“This is fun. It’s hard to relax a little bit, so now is kind of the time…I love playing,” said Robby. “We haven’t played a lot lately because things have been so busy, but golf is my outlet to just get away from (the hustle and bustle of) life.”

Tebow time

Robby piped his drive on the 354-yard par-4 13th, but he hit it too well that it went through the fairway (probably about 300 yards) and found his ball buried in the heavy rough in front of the pond guarding the green. He chunked a wedge into the hazard (he had no chance — let’s just say, it’s been great grass growing weather), so then he was forced to drop. He hit a nice tee shot on the par-3 14th (where a fan wearing a Tebow jersey watched from the left side of the hole).

Asked if his brother was happy with the trade, Robby replied, emphatically, “Oh yeah, he’s going to really, really love playing for Rex Ryan.”

*Update: There was a “snag” in the contract with the Jets, so it’s not a done deal. Garry Smits of The Florida Time’s Union, the hometown paper of the Tebows, caught up with Robby after the pro-am:

“I think the Jags are back in play,” he said. “It’s almost back to square one. Other than that, we don’t really know anything.”

Robby Tebow said he got a call “when we first teed off,” that his brother was New York-bound. But by the time his group got deep into their back nine (Bay Hill’s front), he was getting text messages from his brother that the situation was in a state of flux.

“We thought it was done, signed, sealed and delivered,” Robby Tebow said. “Apparently they didn’t read the fine print.”

(Photo via AvidGolfer and AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez, File)