Tiger Woods Spent Thursday Selling His Video Game
By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

Good Morning America: the expression says it all.

While the rest of the PGA Tour was wandering Innisbrook’s manicured fairways, former world No1 Tiger Woods was in the midst of a multimedia offensive geared towards the promotion of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, the latest addition to his video game franchise.

There was a brief (and largely unremarkable) Twitter Q&A

… there was an awkward demo session on Good Morning America, which included a few oblique references to his private life (watch that grin slip into strained, rigor mortis territory around the 2:00 mark) and talk of “The Process”…

(YouTube credit: ABC News)

…. and a visit to Scott Van Pelt’s ESPN studio, to which I don’t have a link. Who listens to radio, anyway?

If all this to-ing and fro-ing yielded a single soundbite of interest, it was likely this one:

“I’ll be [at the Masters]. Don’t worry about it I took a few days off. I’ll start hitting balls tomorrow. The stiffness is gone. Hopefully I’ll be ready next week.”

Whirlwind media tour over.

Conor Nagle