In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s the First Reshuffle List
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Shuffling the list

About every 5-7 events, the PGA Tour does a “reshuffle” of the guys who earned their 2012 cards via the Nationwide Tour or Q-School in 2011. What the heck does that mean? I came across Scott Stallings’ blog post from a year ago and he does an excellent job breaking it down:

If you’re not familiar with the way the PGA Tour works, here’s a quick explanation: I’m part of a category of 50 players on Tour who either qualified to be here through the Nationwide Tour (the tournament circuit below the PGA) or Q-School. Based on how we finished last year, we entered the PGA Tour ranked. After a tournament has been filled with past winners and the top 125 players on the previous year’s Money List, then my group fills the rest of slots in order according to our ranking. My number coming in was 26, which meant I had a good chance of getting into every tournament thus far.

Oh, how things change.

About every six events, the Tour looks at this list of players and reshuffles it according to how much money we’ve made so far. If you’ve played well enough, you don’t need to worry about the reshuffle because your standing won’t change much.

I’m now at the back of the pack, to put it bluntly. The waaay back. And that means that my schedule is going to get even more unpredictable.

Basically, the list is the order used to fill fields, so the better your number, the more tournaments you’ll get into, which gives you more opportunities to make more money before the next reshuffle.

Alright, a bunch of guys who were previously in the Honda Classic field were ousted — Brian Harman, Ted Potter Jr., Richard H. Lee, Jonas Blixt, Mark Anderson, Miguel Angel Carballo, Roberto Castro, Danny Lee and Vaughn Taylor — because of the reshuffle (since they haven’t played well enough; Tim Finchem’s advice: “play better”). A few guys — Dicky Pride, Michael Allen and Alejandro Canizares — got in by way of finishing in the top ten at Mayakoba Golf Classic (by the way, it makes no sense that a top ten at the WGC doesn’t get you in).

Here’s the numerical reshuffle list through last week:

  1. John Mallinger
  2. Sang-Moon Bae
  3. Matt Every
  4. Jarrod Lyle
  5. Brendon Todd
  6. Colt Knost
  7. Ken Duke
  8. Martin Flores
  9. Bobby Gates
  10. Harris English
  11. Greg Owen
  12. Jason Kokrak
  13. Daniel Summerhays
  14. Will Claxton
  15. Seung-Yul Noh
  16. Gary Christian
  17. William McGirt
  18. Brian Harman
  19. Ted Potter, Jr.
  20. Richard H. Lee
  21. Jonas Blixt
  22. Mark D. Anderson
  23. Miguel Angel Carballo
  24. Roberto Castro
  25. Erik Compton
  26. Danny Lee
  27. Vaughn Taylor
  28. Nathan Green
  29. Duffy Waldorf
  30. Troy Kelly
  31. Tommy Biershenk
  32. Kyle Reifers
  33. Mathew Goggin
  34. Gavin Coles
  35. Steve Wheatcroft
  36. Kevin Kisner
  37. Marco Dawson
  38. Russell Knox
  39. Billy Hurley, III
  40. Patrick Sheehan
  41. Stephen Gangluff
  42. Charlie Beljan
  43. Alexandre Rocha
  44. Edward Loar
  45. Garth Mulroy
  46. Scott Brown
  47. Kyle Thompson
  48. Daniel Chopra
  49. Scott Dunlap
  50. Michael Putnam
  51. Neal Lancaster
  52. Peter Tomasulo
  53. Carl Paulson
  54. David Berganio, Jr.
  55. Fran Quinn
  56. Joe Affrunti

I’d post the initial rankings before the reshuffle, but I don’t want to confuse people. Ah, what the heck — I’ll do it. This is the list from the start of the year.

1.  Brendon Todd (QT1)
2.  Ted Potter, Jr. (NWT2)
3.  Stephen Gangluff (QT2)
4.  Mathew Goggin (NWT3)
5.  Bobby Gates (QT3)
6.  Jason Kokrak (NWT4)
7.  Seung-yul Noh (QT4)
8.  Jonas Blixt (NWT5)
9.  Tommy Biershenk (QT5)
10. Danny Lee (NWT6)
11. Jarrod Lyle (QT6)
12. Ken Duke (NWT7)
13. Vaughn Taylor (QT7)
14. Scott Brown (NWT8)
15. Bob Estes (QT8)
16. Gary Christian (NWT9)
17. Brian Harman (QT9)
18. Miguel Angel Carballo (NWT10)
19. Marco Dawson (QT10)
20. Troy Kelly (NWT11)
21. Sang-Moon Bae (QT11)
22. Russell Knox (NWT12)
23. Kevin Kisner (QT12)
24. Erik Compton (NWT13)
25. John Mallinger (NWT14)
26. Roberto Castro (QT14)
27. Kyle Thompson (NWT15)
28. Charlie Beljan (QT15)
29. Kyle Reifers (NWT16)
30. William McGirt (QT16)
31. Gavin Coles (NWT17)
32. Harris English (QT17)
33. Matt Every (NWT18)
34. Patrick Sheehan (QT18)
35. Daniel Chopra (NWT19)
36. Greg Owen (QT19)
37. Steve Wheatcroft (NWT20)
38. Scott Dunlap (QT20)
39. Garth Mulroy (NWT21)
40. Daniel Summerhays (QT21)
41. Mark D. Anderson (NWT22)
42. Edward Loar (QT22)
43. Will Claxton (QT23)
44. Martin Flores (NWT24)
45. Richard H. Lee (QT24)
46. Billy Hurley, III (NWT25)
47. Alexandre Rocha (QT26)
48. John Huh (QT27)
49. Nathan Green (QT28)
50. Colt Knost (QT29)
51. Duffy Waldorf (med)
52. Shane Bertsch (med)
53. Michael Putnam (med)
54. Neal Lancaster (med)
55. Peter Tomasulo (med)
56. Carl Paulson (med)
57. David Berganio, Jr. (med)
58. Fran Quinn (med)
59. Joe Affrunti (med)

For the guys in this category, there’s actually quite a bit of pressure to play well on the West Coast swing, but problem is, you have to get into tournaments first. If you’re toward the bottom half, then you’ll probably get three or four starts and you better make the most of them! John Huh certainly did. Now he’s no longer in the “Q-school/Nationwide Tour” category, he’s graduated to the “tournament winners in the last two years.”