Bradley Sends Twitter Spitting Mad (*Update)
By Conor Nagle under PGA Tour

At least you're trending, Keegs.

Impressive though Keegan Bradley’s performance over the closing holes of the Northern Trust Open was – and it really was; he’ll be a very good player, even after his putter is banned – it didn’t exactly endear him to international audiences.

As the curator of a pre-shot routine that fuses the interminable, stop-start tendencies of Jim Furyk with an obsessive-compulsive need to clear the mouth of excess saliva (read: to spit, to expectorate, to phlegm, to hock loogies), the USPGA champion is something of a televisual nightmare.

When even Denis Pugh, the most mild-mannered of pundits, is forced to concede that you’ve “accumulated a number of very annoying habits that are difficult to watch”, it’s probably time to cast a more critical eye over your pre-shot routine.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and Bradley’s nervous disorder provided players and fans alike with a deep reservoir of material (literally and figuratively) from which to craft some choice tweets. It made the five-hour final round that little bit more bearable.

Tweeter Alliss was transfixed by the man who reminded him “of an angry Donnie Osmond“…

… while Christina Kim, never one to hide her feelings, went on the offensive.

One fan even decided to take her complaint to the man himself (no word yet on whether she was blocked).

European Tour veteran Gary Evans was left unmoved by Bradley’s near-miss on the second play-off hole, an event immediately followed Denis Pugh’s call to arms!

The pundit and coach later contacted Bradley’s instructor, Jim McLean, to express his frustration.

Conor Nagle

*Update from Monday afternoon: