PGA Show Bits and Pics, Starring the Back9Network Launch
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour


The Back9Network, a new golf and lifestyle focused multimedia network, made its official launch at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando recently. Which was a huge success. The team generated massive buzz and intrigue across the industry from CEOs to celebs. The Back9 is about inclusion and breaking away from golf’s rep of “stuffed shirts trying to keep people out,” after all.


I couldn’t go anywhere without people, whether or not they were aware of my involvement, wanting to hear more about Back9. (For purposes of full disclosure, I’m a senior editor for the network, and they’re also the presenting sponsor of WUP, but I’m still an independent contractor.)

I also got a lot of questions (and still am), like, “Who were those hot girls you were hanging out with?!”

Well, I won’t keep everyone in suspense any longer — Anna Rawson, whom you may recognize from the LPGA, and Jenn Bosworth, just to name a few. The above shot was taken at Demo Day — where we cruised around the different booths of various manufacturers and checked out some of the cool things going on and new products being presented.

Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s “The Voice” and B9N’s Artist in Residence, took a shot at the Nike Speed Trial. He showed off his pre-shot routine, too — breaking out in song a few times. Here now, Anna talks with a Nike rep and Javier about the results. (There were a few jaws that had to be picked up off the ground when Anna walked up.)


Next, Anna demos a Callaway club…Not a bad shot, eh?

And some behind the scene pics…

How sweet is Jenn's hat? (She's pretty sweet, too!)

Love the hat. So did everyone else -- they had freebies at the B9N Lounge and they went quicker than we could pass them out...


Back9 Party Bus!

Caught Anna in a candid photo while she was heading out of the Back9 RV


Poor Jenn had some bad chicken for lunch and wasn't feeling too hot.

Back9 had its Launch Party at the Ice Bar on Wednesday evening and I’m not just being biased, but it was probably the best party of the week (or ever at a golf geek conference). I mean, I forgot for a moment that we were at the PGA Merchandise Show. You know, because it was actually — how do I say this — cool.

Javier gave a special performance, along with Flava Flav. Yeah boy!

CEO Jamie Bosworth giving a killer speech at the Launch Party


Got Clock'd!


Finally, check out our recap video that showcases our successful week and demonstrates what we’re all about.


Oh, one last thing — Clint Eastwood is a founding shareholder and creative board chairman of the B9N. Boom.