Question of Etiquette Turns Violent
By Conor Nagle under General

Luke Donald may have overstated things ever so slightly when he claimed recently that “slow play is killing our sport”, but it very nearly ended the life of a Fort Worth recreational golfer last month.

Clay Carpenter, whose name was initially withheld as a means of guaranteeing his safety, was stabbed in the leg when a brawl erupted  at Eagle Mountain Lake GC on January 27.

Playing as a part of a threesome, the 48-year-old was attacked when a member of the group ahead – a particularly slow fourball –  refused the request of a course marshall to give way.

A brawl ensued, during which Carpenter was stabbed in the leg with the point of a broken golf shaft, a blow that severed his femoral artery and left him “very close to death”.

From the Star Telegram report:

“Carpenter said the man who stabbed him “was not willing to defuse anything, nor was he willing to accept ‘please just let us go on.’ ”

“…he believes that the golfer who stabbed him first swung the golf club at his head, but he grabbed it and broke it off at the end.”

As the victim comes to terms with life-changing injuries (there remains a significant possibility Carpenter will lose the leg), a police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Conor Nagle