Chopra Greets Pebble With a Pair of Monday Aces
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour


Playing a practice round on Monday at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Daniel Chopra made a hole-in-one on the par-3 7th and then another on the par-3 17th. Rookie Richard H. Lee announced the incredible feat via Twitter in the above screenshot. (I’d feel lucky just to have been a witness.)

All I’ve gotta say? Um, WOW! That’s unbelievably amazing — those are two of the sweetest par-3s in golf! And to ace them both in one day?! No way!

According to Lee, the pin on No. 7 was middle left and then on No. 17 it was front-middle on the right side. Which means he got to see them both go in the hole (since that’s pretty much the only pin placement where you’d be able to see from the tee). Double woot!

Lee also replied to my tweet asking for the yardages/clubs: “It was like 103 to hole on 7 with his gap. 176 with 7 iron. I am pretty sure. Crazy experience!”

The famed No. 7 at Pebble Beach

If I’m Chopra, I’d buy a lottery ticket tonight. The odds of making two aces in one round are one in 67 million. Chances of doing that on two of the most iconic holes at one of the most iconic golf courses? One in a trillion?

Too bad there weren’t any camera crews to catch the shots. I’d love to have seen Chopra’s reactions, along with the rest of the witnesses. I’d make a joke about wasting the aces during a Monday practice round, but not in this case because it’s way too awesome. (Okay, I sound like a broken record…)

Oh, one last thing — does this mean Chopra gets to throw two parties? See you at the bar.