Phil Mickelson Is Suing the Internet
By Conor Nagle under General

Don't feed the trolls, Phil!

Noted burger enthusiast Phil Mickelson has embarked upon a tour of North America’s courtrooms in the hope of publicly outing a “vicious” internet commenter.

Posting under the pseudonyms “Fogroller” and “Longitude”, the individual(s) in question has contributed a number of derogatory comments targeting the left-hander to Yahoo! Sports’ golf coverage.

Though the tenor of the comments is generally abusive (welcome to my world, Phil), Mickelson is apparently most concerned by the claim he engaged in a series of extramarital affairs and fathered an illegitimate child.

Building on proceedings initiated in San Diego Superior Court, the golfer’s most recent petition – to Quebec Superior Court – seeks to compel internet service provider Videotron SENC to identify the holder of the IP address from which the comments emanated.

[The above exchange suggests two people may be sharing the IP address.]

As an athlete heavily reliant on income derived from endorsements, Mickelson believes the preservation of his public image to be “extremely important”.

Conor Nagle