Harris English Talks Q-School, Double-Dating With Roommates and Why He Has Clubs With Special Names
By Stephanie Wei under Interviews


After play was suspended and then eventually canceled on Saturday at the Humana Challenge due to the crazy windstorm earlier this month, Harris English was kind enough to sit down and chat with me about everything from hunting to naming his clubs, like his pitching wedge, Michael Irvin.

You may remember English’s name from when he won the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Invitational in July 2011. After representing the United States at the Walker Cup in September, he turned pro and almost won a second NWT event, the WNB Golf Classic, but lost in a playoff. He earned his card at Q-school last December and so far in his rookie season, he’s made three cuts in three starts, with T19 at the Humana as his best finish.

I had the chance to watch Harris play quite a bit at the Humana and he’s the real deal (I know we can say the same thing about 200 other guys, but I was impressed with how mature his game was for a rookie). What’s more, the 22-year-old University of Georgia standout golfer is a true Southern gentleman. He’s as polite as they come and has a sneaky good sense of humor.

You can read the full interview at Golf.com, but here’s an excerpt:

I hear you’re pretty good at Jeopardy. Have you always been a trivia guy?
When I was growing up we’d just watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while we were eating dinner. I was always a little bit of a Wheel of Fortune fan, but Jeopardy was always my favorite. I loved rattling off answers. I usually don’t get them right, but I love trivia. It was always my favorite game show growing up. Even now I’ll try to find it on and compete with some of my roommates.

What’s your best category? 
Probably sports. I’m pretty good at that. A lot of the stuff you learn in high school and college finally comes out in Jeopardy. You can finally show off some of your knowledge, but you can’t do it elsewhere.

Why do you call your pitching wedge Michael Irvin?
It’s Michael Irvin because the club is 47-degrees and that was the number he wore at University of Miami. My caddie Joe is good with some trivia, too, and we talk about random stuff and connect them to years and numbers.

We always joke around about stuff like that. It’s kind of boring calling a pitching wedge a pitching wedge all the time, so we call it Michael Irvin and no one else knows what we’re talking about. It’s funny to see some looks on some guys’ faces, mixing it up a little bit and having some fun.

Do any of your other clubs have names? 
My 5-iron is Brett Favre-ron or just Brett. It should be the 4-iron, but that’d be too easy.

Check out the rest of the Q&A and be sure to keep your eye out for him this season.