Pushy Parent Cops Sentence for Woods-Inspired Child Abuse
By Conor Nagle under General

Drawing a blank on photos of kids being psychologically tortured, I opted for this wholesome generic.

Bastion of fine journalism the Daily Mail carries the story this morning of a 32-year-old man convicted of subjecting his two children, aged six and eight, to an abusive regimen he believed would produce “the next Tiger Woods”.

The 33-year-old from Burnley, England, who cannot be named for legal reasons, forced both children to participate in daily practice sessions that drew their impetus from the threat of physical violence.

In addition to pinching, biting and threatening the youngsters, he would occasionally resort to more extreme punishments:

Despite the elder child winning a junior golf tournament, he was struck on the leg with a golf iron when he played a bad shot and also had a ball hurled at him from feet away, gashing and bruising his ear.

The younger child, who was hit in the knee with a ball, was left with multiple injuries, including a scratched eye.

Remarkably, the children’s mother remained entirely ignorant of the abuse until authorities, acting on the advice of a suspicious teacher, decided to intervene.

Even after their father’s arrest, both children maintained that golf was “their job”, saying:

We are going to be championship golfers when we get older.”

The judge, who issued the man with a two-year suspended sentence and mandatory supervision, branded his actions “inexcusable” and threatened a harsh penalty for any future re-offence:

“If you permit your obsession with golf to overcome you again and lay a finger on either of them, you will immediately come back before me and I will send you to prison.”

Conor Nagle