According to JT, Callaway Is Cool Now
By Conor Nagle under Equipment

Justin Timberlake, Callaway Golf’s schmoovest Creative Director yet, has helped produce a snazzy new marketing campaign for the ailing equipment manufacturer.

Combining the viral appeal of high-risk stunts (the kids love YouTube, right?) with the classic glamour/seediness of Las Vegas, the promotional footage will feature a variety of Callaway representatitves performing unusual (golf) shots along the Strip.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“The marketing effort features golf pros such as Phil Mickelson and Annika Sorenstam using Callaway products to perform jaw-dropping golf feats on the Las Vegas Strip. One TV ad shows golfer Alvaro Quiros on a floating platform on the strip, hitting a golf ball 310 yards over the Bellagio fountain.”

Apparently, Timberlake hopes the initiative will give the sport a “nice injection of kickassery”.

I’m not quite sure what makes all this such a departure from the norm; haven’t Tour players been tearing up Vegas for years now?

Conor Nagle