In Obvious News Today: Tiger Bummed Out by Haney Book
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

In better times...

I’m sure it comes to a major surprise by all that Tiger Woods isn’t happy former instructor Hank Haney wrote a “tell-all” about their six years of working together, which is set to hit bookshelves the week before the Masters (ouch). Despite Tiger’s disdain, he continues to stress his appreciation of all Haney’s assistance (high road!), according to ESPN.com’s Bob Harig:

“I think it’s unprofessional and very disappointing,” Woods told ESPN.com in a telephone interview, “especially because it’s someone I worked with and trusted as a friend.

“There have been other one-sided books about me, and I think people understand that this book is about money. I’m not going to waste my time reading it.”

“That is what I alluded to earlier,” he said. “I just think this book is very self-serving.”

I’m sure Haney had very little to do with the timing of its release, rather it was the publisher’s call, but regardless, it’s a tad insensitive. I mean, as if Tiger needs more distractions.

Chances are Tiger or someone in his camp has gotten a hold of the pre-released copy of Haney’s book, so at least they’ll know what to expect. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I doubt there’s anything too juicy in it. In fact, it might be a bit of a snoozefest, with the exception of perhaps a few intriguing bits here and there. Of course, I’ll still read it. And depending on the content, it may impact Tiger’s performance at Augusta.