Sandra Gal Is Prettier Than Rickie Fowler
By Conor Nagle under General

Sandra Gal: you'll do your back in, love!

Golf Digest’s off-season traffic-booster, the Hottest Golfer bracket, has drawn to a close.

The “winner”, who sealed victory in the sort of electoral landslide usually reserved for faux-democratic totalitarian dictatorships, was LPGA winner and Solheim Cup veteran Sandra Gal.

The German positively crushed Rickie Fowler in the final, battle-of-the-sexes match-up, receiving an entirely plausible 99.61% of the vote.

An apologetic Sam Weinman, whose sympathies probably lay with the David Cassidy lookalike, was quick to undermine both the winner and competition format:

“Gal received more than 80,000 votes to earn the distinction as the fairest golfer of them all — a testament to our user demographics (more men voting for Gal than women voting for Fowler), the power of social media (Gal actively recruited voters on Twitter).”

In other words, Golf Digest’s PG alternative to “F***, Marry, Kill” may not have been entirely accurate.

I, for one, am outraged.

Conor Nagle