Sergio’s Newest Off-Season Hobby: Poker Tourneys
By Stephanie Wei under General

Sergio: Busted!

Sergio Garcia is a man of many talents. When he’s not playing golf, he often gets involved in other forms of competitions. During his self-imposed break in 2010, the Spaniard made his debut playing for hometown club CF Borriol — which he happens to own and serve as president — and he’s also trained with pro clubs when the opportunity has struck.

Most recently, Garcia kicked off 2012 by competing in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, one of the circuit’s most prestigious tournaments. Now, just about every golfer inherently enjoys poker (and/or casinos, gambling, etc.) and Sergio is no exception — he’s also pretty good and made a nice run. While he eventually lost with about 50 guys remaining in the Main Event, he still walked away with $35,000 (which is probably like pocket change for him and obviously money wasn’t the objective), according to PokerStarsBlog.com:



Indeed it has been a great run for Garcia, who is playing for PokerStars here in the Main Event. It ended abruptly, however, just a few minutes ago. On the secondary feature table, and with about 230,000 chips remaining, he had opened under the gun with a bet of 30,000. It was folded around to William Luciano who asked Garcia how much he had left.

“I’m all in,” Luciano announced after getting a count.

Garcia did not like it. Not one bit. He leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head. As if the critical nature of his next decision suddenly hit home, he buried his face in his hands. He had made his mind up, though, and made what seemed like a crying call.

Luciano, who had the Spaniard covered, had pocket queens, but Garcia could only turn over A♣J♦. He knew he was in a rough spot, and covered up his face again as the dealer put out the 3♣2♣J♣ flop, a great one for Garcia who, although still behind, now had 14 outs to snatch victory.

Sounds like Sergio’s got some game. Check out these play-by-play reactionary photos, where it appears he shows just as much emotion while playing poker as he does golf!

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