Are You Into Fantasy? Golf, That Is — Join WUP’s League!
By Stephanie Wei under Balls in the Air

We got hops

Thanks to the multiple readers who emailed inquiring about Fantasy Golf — you guys reminded me to get those started again. I don’t think I’ve quite processed that the 2012 season is right around the corner, but the best part is I’m about to board my flight to Kapalua for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. I mean, it’s already been a year? Not that I’m complaining because it means I get to kick off the year in paradise (it all goes downhill from there!).

It actually feels a bit like Groundhog Day. I just looked up the post re: Fantasy from a year ago and I was also about to hop on the plane to Hawaii. I could actually almost copy and paste the text and just fill in the blanks with this year’s appropriate info and latest news. Which isn’t a terrible idea, so here we go.

A few things:

*Since I’ll be working and clearly not spending any time sunning myself on the beach (which, unfortunately, turned out to be the case last year after the first few days), what would you like to see in WUP’s coverage? With regard to content, what would you like to see more of in 2012? (Please refrain from comments like, “Less on Tiger, blah blah.”) I welcome your suggestions and constructive criticism. After all, I’m here to serve you, the readers!

*Join the WUP Facebook Group or follow me on Twitter for pictures of my adventures on tour and other fun stuff.

*December is the gift that keeps on giving. Last year I announced I was joining the SI Golf Group as Shipnuck’s coffee server. Well, good news! — after a full season of unwavering focus and diligence, I have been promoted to answering his phone calls. I’ll also continue chiming in during the weekly roundtable, “PGA Tour Confidential,” contributing to the magazine, help with the behind-the-scenes reporting and handle anonymous surveys, etc. You may have noticed the past month that I did a few Q&As for, which I’ll be doing bi-weekly in the new year (please feel free to suggest potential interviewees). And other cool, interesting projects/stories hopefully.

*But I digress. Earlier this month I tweeted a vague yet exciting announcement. More details to come soon.

*Again, WUP will not be affected. Business will continue as usual. You’ll just have to put up with my babblings and ramblings showing up in more platforms. Also, Conor will be contributing more frequently and consistently, as well (right, Conor??).

*Finally, the details on joining WUP’s Fantasy Golf Leagues. It’s easy. Here’s what to do:

1.) Go to Yahoo Fantasy Golf.

2.) Sign up to play and then it should give you the option to join a group — I’ve created three, which is the maximum, and each caps at 50 members (I don’t make the rules, wish I could just have one large league with unlimited members).

  • Wei Under Par, Group ID# 5945, password: kapalua.
  • Wei Over Par, Group ID#5946, password: kapalua.
  • Wei to Go, Group ID#5947, password: kapalua.

3.) That’s all! (I think.) If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me (

4.) Last year I said I’d try to come up with prizes and I did have some (still do, I think), but I didn’t have time to deal with it, unfortunately. I also promised a year-end prize, which I dropped the ball on, too. If you remember that you won your group — and I trust people do be honest because if you lie, the golf gods will curse you and you’ll have the shanks for a year — let me know and we’ll figure something out. I promise to be more organized, but truth is, I need an assistant or intern (college student, recent grad)! Anyone interested??! I’m half serious…maybe more than half.

5) I will bring back “Balls in the Air” and do my best to post my picks BEFORE the deadline. You guys liked that feature, right? Yes or no? I always had fun writing it, but won’t bother if you guys think it sucked.

6) I’d love to organize a non-Yahoo Fantasy League. I have tons of friends who get their buddies together and come up with different (better) formats. My pal Foxy is in a pool where they preselect a winner for each tournament and you can’t pick the same person twice. You get credit for the money that your player earns and person with the most earnings at the end of the season wins. I like money list formats better than points systems that involve logarithms and formulas, etc.(you know, stuff that would make me have to stop and think for more than 5 seconds). So, if anyone wants to volunteer to be in charge of a separate pool / fantasy league (in addition to the Yahoo groups), then speak up! Thanks!


End-of-the-year awards are in the queue, so be sure to check those out this week and chime in on the discussion. I’ll also be starting a series of posts about my experiences and the highlights of my life on tour in 2011 — which I think you guys will enjoy.

Gotta run or the plane’s going to leave without me and we wouldn’t want that to happen. (Fingers crossed there’s WiFI, but have a feeling it’s not available on flights to Hawaii.) Many thanks for your continued support of WUP and hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Woot!